In collaboration with suicide prevention charity The Tomorrow Project, I shot portraits of the people who have benefitted from the charities services after either dealing with their own suicidal thoughts or lost a loved one as a result of suicide. Each portrait is accompanied by a statement from the subject. 

The work was exhibited at Rough Trade Nottingham, as well as shown throughout the day on the largest screen in the East Midlands on top of the Intu Victoria Centre for world suicide prevention day 2018.

“My wife took her own life last year. It was devastating to me. At one stage I found myself thinking about suicide. The Tomorrow Project supported me through this, they listened to my feelings and emotions and were there for me. Because of their support I now feel I want to carry on and that is what I am doing.” Kevin

"Often when confronted with mental illness we turn to the Police for help, but they too need better training and support for their own welfare and mental health son was a Police Officer doing a stressful job and also trying to manage his own personal crisis. He took his own life in Nov 2016 and the loss is absolutely devastating for everyone close to him. " Derek

"I’ve always been amazed at how ill prepared we are for the death of people around us, but suicide is a whole different level. As a society I think we need to work out how to really talk about all those taboo subjects. Things are certainly better than they used to be, but there’s still so much people find too uncomfortable to talk about or just have no idea what to say. If we don’t talk about death how are we supposed to talk about suicide? 
I’m always going to have unanswered questions after my mum’s death, I guess I’m working out how to find peace with that. But someone gave me some great advice when they said don’t be alone. It can feel very isolating but there is some amazing help out there." Sam

“Will, you died by suicide 21 months ago, leaving myself (your wife) and two boys, then aged 16 and 18. I often say to people that you took your own life, but that somehow implies that there was a rational choice involved. In your mind there was no choice, you were so ill, in such unbearable psychological pain, that you needed to escape that pain. You kept a notebook in the weeks before you died and this allows us some insight into your suffering. You felt: overwhelmed by life, on a loop of despair and anguish, no hope for the future, a failure, that we would be better off without you and that your world was falling apart. No one can truly understand how bad you felt. You didn’t choose to die, the illness chose you.” Marie

"Life becomes colourless...
The rainbow that once filled you with its
colourful energy,
so renewing, rejuvenating and replenishing with its magnificent magic
-suddenly - and painfully
dissolves, disappears and disperses into an abyss of nothingness...
Leaving behind a whirlwind of confusion,
a body, now an empty shell,
a world that is soundless, with no texture, no voice 
and no more colour." Pav